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Environmental Initiatives

The Government of the Northwest Territories is currently restricting travel into the NWT. As a result we are operating this winter, however you must have proper permission to enter the NWT. Please see: for entry requirements and details. At the moment we are taking new bookings for travel December 21, 2020-April, 2021 for NWT residents only. We are taking bookings from out of territory travellers from December 21, 2021 onwards. Thank you for your understanding.
BLL Solar Pannels, Solar Power Energy

Our Goal: To live environmentally and sustainably on the land.


  • We are the most energy efficient lodge in the north
  • Renewable energy accounts for 62% of our total energy use
  • Since 2013 we have cut our fuel usage by more than half

Low Carbon Footprint

  • We continue to expand and improve our microgrid, which now contains 14.5kW Solar and 1 kW of Wind power generation, 183 kWh of battery storage, and a Tier-4 diesel back-up generator.
  • We utilize wood pellets and cordwood to provide a majority of space and water hearting in both the cabins and the lodge, utilizing indivdual wood stoves and a WoodMaster boiler.
  • All personal vehicles, including motorboats, snowmachines, and quads are fitted with efficient, low emission, 4-stroke motors.
  • We source locally whenever possible to avoid emissions from flights, including using local cordwood and maintaining a garden and greenhouses to produce fresh vegetables for our guests.
  • We use high-efficiency applianes, and low wattage flourescent lights.
  • We turn off lights and electrical equipment when not in use.
  • We use cold water wash for laundry and in summer we hang our sheets out to dry. 

Conserving our Freshwater

  • We purify our drinking water
  • We try to use phosphate free products, to prevent growth of algae in our waterways
  • We maintain a garden and greenhouses that produce fresh vegetables for our guests
  • We offer fair trade organic coffee

Laundry and Dishwashing

  • We utilize only "Clivus Multrum" and "SunMar" composting toilets to reduce fresh water use and eliminate potential water contamination
  • Grey water is processed through two settling tanks and a leaching pit well away from the lake
  • Wherever possible we utilize products with low impact and that prevent growth of algae in our waterways:
    • We use fabric softener created without phosphates, perfumes, dyes or enzymes
    • We use oxygenated bleach, formulated without chlorine
    • Our pre-washing dish detergent is biodegradable and phosphate free
    • We use vinegar as a biodegradable cleaning product for windows and mirrors


  • We use 80% recycled plastic garbage bags
  • We use 100% recycled paper, and products whitened without bleach. This includes table napkins, coffee filters, paper towels, facial tissue and bathroom tissue
  • We compost leftover fruits, vegetables, eggshells, and coffee grounds and use it in our greenhouse and vegetable garden
  • Our compost is used for natural flower and shrub gardens
  • We recycle paper, and newspaper is reused as fire starter for lodge woodstoves.
  • We use refillable dispensers for shampoo, conditioner and body wash, hand soap and pre-wash dish detergent
  • We provide recycling bins in all cabins and lodge rooms, and we ship recyclable and non recyclable cans, bottles, boxes and cardboard to Yellowknife where they are recycled or sent to landfill.

Saving Fish Stocks

  • Blachford Lake Lodge is committed to maintaining a healthy stock of fish, and to achieve this we have initiated a fish management program which involves the use of barbless hooks and fish gloves, and a catch and release protocol.

Guest Encouragement

  • We encourage our guests to conserve energy and water by turning off the tap when washing, brushing their teeth and shaving
  • We encourage short showers
  • We encourage our guests to hang their towels outside as well
  • We offer fair trade organic coffee


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