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Aurora Viewing

The Government of the Northwest Territories is currently restricting travel into the NWT. As a result we are operating this winter, however you must have proper permission to enter the NWT. Please see: for entry requirements and details. At the moment we are taking new bookings for travel December 21, 2020-April, 2021 for NWT residents only. We are taking bookings from out of territory travellers from December 21, 2021 onwards. Thank you for your understanding.
Jessy Penelon - Winter 2018 - Aurora

Yellowknife has quickly become one of the most popular places in the world to see the northern lights. Easily accessible to the city of Yellowknife, yet far enough from its sounds and lights, Blachford Lake Lodge sparkles like diamonds in winter and is the perfect spot for Aurora watching. Here, you don't need to head out on a bus or shuttle, the aurora dance right above the lodge, located in the perfect wilderness setting. 

We have two prime Aurora viewing seasons - Summer/Autumn (mid August - mid October), and Winter/Spring (Christmastime - mid April).

There is the lodge itself, imposing, yet welcoming, atop a rolling, hill. Inside the main lodge, or in one of our cabins, a cozy wood fire offers warm comfort. We keep you as busy as you'd like during the daytime, experiencing true Canadian seasons. In the winter we have skis, kick sleds, fat tire bikes, ice fishing, skates, hiking trails, snowshoes, igloo building workshops, handicraft workshops and snowmobile adventures. In the summer/fall months; kayak, canoe, hiking, trophy fishing, enjoy handicraft workshops, or take your time bird watching. Relax with your favourite beverage in the early evening before sitting down to a wonderful dinner. Later, on clear nights, the aurora may dance overhead. Marvel up at the aurora from one of our decks, from our hot tub, or snuggled under a duvet in your room. We even offer a middle of the night wake up service to catch the Northern lights at their best.

Here are some reasons why Blachford Lake Lodge is a great location to see the aurora and to experience a Northern outdoor adventure:

  1. Blachford Lake Lodge (BLL) is located right underneath the auroral oval, the best place on earth to be for aurora watching. 
  2. We are only accessible by bush plane on skis in the winter and floats in the summer; there are no roads to BLL. Due to our remote location there is no light pollution from nearby towns, cities, cabins, or road traffic.
  3. View the northern lights at BLL all night long! There is no need to bus or car from a town based hotel to an aurora viewing location and back to a hotel --- limiting yourself to only a few hours of viewing time.
  4. We have it all in one location -- aurora watching, outdoor activities, and true Canadian wilderness adventures just a few steps away from your room or cabin, and all our amenities.
  5. At BLL you can view the aurora from the comfort of your own room, from the dining room and lounge areas, from two aurora viewing decks, the hot tub or sauna deck, from the tipi, or anywhere outside close to your lodge room or cabin. In the winter, walk onto the lake for a 360° view of the sky! On a calm summer night, watch the aurora being reflected in the water.
  6. We are true wilderness --you won’t seen anyone other than fellow lodge guests and staff while you are a guest with us.  


For more information on the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis please click here.

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Dancing Aurora @ Blachford Lake Lodge 9.14.2017

Aurora (at Blachford Lake Lodge , Yellowknife 2013/09/05) (4)

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