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Aurora in Two Seasons

When is the best time to see the Aurora? 

It's a question we are asked often, and a difficult one to answer! We have two fantastic seasons for Aurora viewing:

These are not only the best times operationally for our fly-in wilderness resort, but also peak times for auroral activity in our part of the world. Every guest (and staff member!) has their reasons for when they prefer to stay out at night and gaze at the light show dancing above. We often recommend summer/autumn Aurora viewing for those of our guests that are a little more wary of the cold winter months, and the winter time for those looking for an authentic, Canadian winter experience. 

That being said - the true answer is "whenever the travel dates work best for you!". If you'd like to ask us more about a particular season, just give our offices a call and we will be happy to help you out. 

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