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Our menus feature a tasty blend of Northern favorites. Our talented chef creates superb menus with fresh seasonal vegetables and a variety of fresh fish, beef, lamb and chicken to please every appetite. All dishes, from breads to desserts, are made on site. We also grow our own lettuce and other greens in the summer months. If you have special menu requirements, please let us know in advance.

Through the summer, Blachford Lake Lodge grows its own vegetables. We have recently expanded our organic greenhouse and garden. We are now growing most of our own vegetables and herbs in our open garden and one of two greenhouses. Leafy vegetables grow quickly in the long days of northern summer.

Woofer volunteers have built our greenhouses, and they plant, tend and harvest our gardens. They assist in the kitchen, they also upgrade our nature trails, and look after the Clivus Mutrum composting system and our alternative energy systems.

These volunteers are part of a world wide program. Blachford has welcomed Woofers from Germany, England, USA, Holland, France, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Poland, Japan and Canada. For more information on Woofing see, or


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