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The Government of the Northwest Territories is currently restricting travel into the NWT. As a result we are operating this winter, however you must have proper permission to enter the NWT. Please see: for entry requirements and details. At the moment we are taking new bookings for travel December 21, 2020-April, 2021 for NWT residents only. We are taking bookings from out of territory travellers from December 21, 2021 onwards. Thank you for your understanding.
Ben and Melissa Wedding

Weddings in the Wilderness

We think your wedding should be one of the most romantic days of your life. Make it last as long as possible by immersing yourself in the romance of the great outdoors at Blachford Lake Lodge. We have a number of services available for you on your big day! 

Amenity Included Additional Amenity
Summer Wedding  
Winter Wedding  
Indoor Ceremony  
Outdoor Ceremony  
Exclusive Lodge Use  
Small Group (10-20)  
Large Group (21+)  
Bridal Suite  
Bar Service  
Wedding Cake  
Freight to/from Lodge  
Passenger Charter to/from Lodge  
Room Decor
Use of AV Equipment  
Custom Set-Up  
Custom Wedding Favours  
Guest Activities  
Ceremony Officiant  

We will put together your wedding banquet, provide an area for a reception dance, and make sure the wedding cake looks wonderful. Our kitchen provides delicious meals and the Blachford Lake Lodge bar has a fine selection of wines, spirits and beer. We can assist you in making meal selections and wine pairings for your banquet.Many couples choose late summer for a wedding. It's ideal for a wedding at Blachford Lake Lodge because flying insects are at a minimum. There's even the possibility of being married under the northern lights! Let us know how the big event should be arranged and we will make it happen. We have a choice of locations for your ceremony, and in the unlikely event of inclement weather, we can quickly move indoors to ensure the day goes smoothly.

Our staff will work to ensure this is a joyful, relaxed and memorable event. From the menu to the music to the location of the wedding ceremony to the time we bring out the cake, your wishes are our command. Contact us today!

Honeymoon Paradise

Honeymoon? More like honey-Aurora! We know how important your honeymoon is, and we look forward to doing everything we can to make it special! Give our offices a call to find out about the different honeymoon options you've got. We'd love to have you!

Dancing Aurora @ Blachford Lake Lodge 9.14.2017


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