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The Government of the Northwest Territories is currently restricting travel into the NWT. As a result we are operating this winter, however you must have proper permission to enter the NWT. Please see: for entry requirements and details. At the moment we are taking new bookings for travel December 21, 2020-April, 2021 for NWT residents only. We are taking bookings from out of territory travellers from December 21, 2021 onwards. Thank you for your understanding.
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Blachford in Winter

Although it seems as if the land has gone to sleep in winter, there’s wildlife all around Blachford Lake Lodge.  Only the bears are asleep. Ravens, ptarmigan, grouse and even snowy owls winter here in the forest. Snow buntings and Canada jays can be spotted in the early spring before the snow melts. Our staff love to point out the signs of life.  

Along the edges of lakes and streams, there’s often evidence of beavers and muskrats. Beaver lodges and muskrat “push-ups” of grasses and sedges can be seen from the lake ice. The critters are likely snuggled inside with only a watery exit available.

Snowy white snowshoe hares are common in our woods. Their wide hind feet spread out like snowshoes to help them travel swiftly on snow covered ground. The trails they create are distinctive, and often used by other small forest creatures, like marten. Marten, about the size of small cats, grow luxurious coats for winter protection, and burrow under the snow to feed on small mammals like mice and voles that tunnel through the drifts. A pair of bright, curious eyes in a pretty little furry face can sometimes be spotted peaking out from behind a log.

Red foxes are common in the Blachford area, and usually sport a red coat, black stockings and a black tail with white tip. Often seen in the winter, They hunt mainly at night. Fox tracks are distinctive - a neat row of tiny diamond shaped footprints in the snow.

Moose live in the forest near Blachford Lake Lodge, as do wolves and coyotes. Lynx, large northern wild cats, are shy, but their tracks can sometimes be seen beside our nature trails.


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